You are here because of your strong passion for learning the skill of braiding. You are ready to partake in this financially rewarding industry and start your career on the right path. Braidz4Days will get you there. No matter the level; you will learn new skills, techniques, and styles that will allow you to leave your mark with every client. 

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Training Packages

Compare the packages below and find the best fit for you.

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Weekly Service

$350 Total

Expert Package ($50 Savings)

4-2 hr weekly sessions



Client Creation and Retention

This package is for a braider with previous experience. We will start at your level and perfect what you already do well. You will also learn new techniques. Whatever you need, we will make happen.


Weekly Service

$545 Total

Level Up Package ($55 savings)

6-2 hr weekly sessions

Level Up Braid Kit

Getting Clients



This package is best for a braider with some experience, but require improvement. We will perfect what you do well and improve in areas that are needed. 


Weekly Service


Beginner Package ($250 Savings)

10-2 hr Weekly sessions

Business Braid Kit

Social media/ Marketing

Business Name/ Services


Portfolio Building


This is an all inclusive package for a beginner braider. We will start at the beginning. You will be ready to start your braiding business once completed.


A La Carte Services

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Want a professional website created for your business through Vistaprint? Choose this option. Text 773-895-2249 to schedule.

Learn some tips and tricks to the braiding business. Perfect some braid techniques. Want to maintain a professional social media presence? 1-hr session. Choose this option. Text 773-895-2249 to schedule.

Looking to create a professional presence on social media? Facebook and Instagram. (not responsible for content) Choose this option. Text 773-895-2249 to schedule.

Need business cards or post cards? Choose this option (shipping included) Text 773-895-2249 to book.

Choose this option for a 2-hr one on one braid session. Text (class) to 773-895-2249 to schedule session in your home.

Choose this option for a 2-hr one on one virtual braid session. Text (class) to 773-895-2249 to schedule session via Skype, FaceTime, or Live.

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