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Crochets are our specialty and now you can have a crocheted wig made that will provide you with the same style and flexibility with no installation time.

All crocheted wigs are hand made for each individual client. This means that you can choose the hair type and color that you'd prefer.

Crocheted wigs are best for clients with alopecia or thinning areas, professional women with busy schedules, and it can also be used as a protective style.

Click here to visit the wig store. 

(Full payment is due up front)

Click Here to see an actual Client Re​view of a crocheted wig. ​

Please Read The Fine Print

All crocheted wigs are shoulder length and made to order.  

You choose the hair and colors. Please be flexible with your ideas. Not all colors are available. 

Hair and shipping is included in the price. Only Synthetic hair is used.

Once purchased, please text-(773)895-2249, your name and address  (where you want the wig shipped to), a screenshot of your payment, and a picture and details of the specific crocheted wig you would like to have created.  

Please give 2-5 days for completion, not including shipping time. Confirmation of completion will be sent through text as well as tracking info once shipped.

A maintenance spray is included with loose hair wigs for your convenience. 

Thank you for reading, hope to hear from you soon.