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Braid Training- The New 9-5

2020 has forced Entrepreneurs to change the ways in which we work and learn. Our homes have become our workplaces and our schools and the struggle for job stability has created challenges.

But, you've adapted, so we have too!

Braidz4days offers the first virtual braid training program that will provide students with the necessary skills and techniques to start a professional braiding career from the comfort of their homes!

No matter your current Location!! No matter your Experience!!

The Braider Babe Braid Training Program is the solution to the struggles entrepreneurs are currently facing. It is specifically designed to assist more budding braiders at one time which will create opportunities for social interaction, an increase in income, and Job creation/stability.

Students will work independently to learn new techniques, perfect them, an​d grow their very own braiding businesses! Creating new steams of income that will sustain families even through an economic recession.

It Includes:

  • 4, 6, and 10- 2hr virtual sessions
  • Direct Access to Instructor
  • Life Long Mentorship
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Membership to the 'Braidz4days' online community
  • (Internet service and capable device required)

B (Best)

B (Braiders)

B    (Be)

B (Braidz4days)

T (Trained)


 We will learn:

  • Proper Hand/Finger placement
  • Proper way to add hair
  • Quality Control
  • Best Product and tool usage
  • Clean parting techniques

Learned styles will include:

  • Crochets
  • Box Braids
  • Feed in techniques
  • Twisting techniques

Mannequin not provided.

At the end of the sessions, students would have Learned proper techniques and skills to start their own professional Braiding Business.

This Program will pay for itself!!

*Money Back Guarantee*

Participants will learn a technique that will create income in the first session or your money back!

Are you ready for your life to change? 

Braidz4days "Braider Babe" Braid Training Program will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to Create your own Professional Braiding Service.

Knowing the proper way to braid is the foundation of a successful braiding career. This is why it is imperative we start at the beginning.

You will learn the quickest, easiest, and most cost effective techniques and methods to make the most money in less time while providing the best quality service to every client.

No experience necessary, but even those with experience can benefit for the Braider Babe Braid Training Program.

How so, you ask?

  • You will be learn new techniques that will allow you to provide more styles to your clients
  • You will increase your speed by learning methods that will allow you to work smarter and not harder
  • You will be able to provide better quality styles that will grow your clientele and increase your income

Are you ready to:

  • Work for Yourself
  • Make your own Schedule
  • Make your own Rules
  • Increase your Income
  • Learn a new Skill/Technique

A partnership with Braidz4days will make this a reality.

Make your next move your best move- start a Braiding Career with Braidz4Days.

Braid kit, including mannequin, will not be provided. Must Purchase prior to 1st session. Internet capability and appropriate device required, but not provided.

Please Read Fine Print

After your purchase, you must text 773-895-2249 your name and a screenshot of your payment. To schedule your first session please also provide your availability. Dates and times will be mutually agreed upon. Payments must be made in full, no payment arrangement available. Payments are non refundable, not sharable, and non transferrable if not agreed upon at first communication. Only one opportunity for rescheduling. 24 hour notice required to reschedule. All tools provided for training. If preferred, you will provide live model. 

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